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Empowering your financial knowledge

Financial education has never been more important in our day and age. In a world where people are living healthier and longer, achieving financial security has now become a priority to ensure that we have enough savings to last us for our retirement. It is therefore essential for everyone, at any age, to understand the value of money, and importantly, learn how to manage it effectively.

Financial education is equipping ourselves with the right knowledge and skills to help us make more informed decisions and manage our day-to-day finances more effectively – this can include our ability to create and own a budget, track spending, calculate interests on savings, manage loans and plan for retirement.

Whilst many individuals feel that the world of finance may sound complicated and overwhelming, in reality learning the concepts behind it can be as simple as
1, 2, 3.


Money123 aims to impart you with the right resources that can empower you to make good decisions and avoid financial traps in the future.


Therefore, we have selected a number of useful resources in various formats such as videos and blog posts, to guide you and your family along your financial journey.

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