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Making learning more engaging with 
creative activities

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Learning through play and hands-on activites is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to develop and instil new skills and knowledge. 


RedSTART's Learning & Resources

We are proud to introduce RedSTART, a financial literacy and entrepreneurship education programme which aims to build confidence, drive and ambition in young people. Co-founded in 2012 by Investment Director of St. James’s Place, Robert Gardner, RedSTART is on an inspiring mission to help children worldwide to learn how to budget, save, invest and give back.

RedSTART’s Funsize lessons are designed for children aged 8-12 and can be delivered by either parents or teachers. The lessons are designed to teach primary school children the key principles of money - how to earn it, keep it and grow it - in a way that’s fun and stays with them.

Games are used to illustrate essential money management concepts, including:

Please download this worksheet which can be provided to the students on the day to complete alongside the other activities which are included within the other documents below.​

Boy Playing with Abacus


This activity (view activity pack) illustrates how defining a clear goal and then setting a budget can help you achieve your desired financial outcome.


The aim of the game is to set yourself a goal – for example, buying a new game, clothes or for a trip – and to work out how to achieve it.

To play, you will need:

Kids Bowling


This game illustrates that when taking a risk there is a chance of losing money; however, there is potentially a greater payoff.

There are two variations of the game: one involving a sporting skill and the other a pack of cards.

To play, you will need:

  • Dartboard, hoopla, quoits, boules or a basketball net

  • Pack of playing cards

  • Balance sheet

Kid Piling Blocks


This game illustrates the concept of compound interest. It is great fun with 2 or more players when it becomes more competitive.

To play, you will need:

Child Doing Art Activity


This activity (view activity pack) explores the difference between borrowing and lending and the different investment opportunities.

Your child has £500 to save and can choose between two different investment opportunities: The Bank Option or Rich Ricky's Investment Scheme.

To play, you will need:

Budgeting & Goal Setting
Risk & Reward
Compound interest
Borrowing & Lending

To play the games, children need their Balance Sheet which is where they keep track of their money. During the games, they need to write down all the money coming in and going out as modelled in this guide.


To support delivery, RedSTART has produced a glossary of words and a series of YouTube videos. Links to these can be found on the lesson guides.

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